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On Thursday James and I went into town and we decided to take a risk and see if we could get back in in the small hours. Very oddly, we had the nicest taxi driver in Bayan Nur, to explain why would take us into territory too forensic for most readers. Something to do with him being prepared to drive to Jin Shan all the way on the meter, which basically halves the fare. (My theory proved correct). Then wanting to drive me into the actual campus, in spite of the all the hassle that entails.

Odder still, the building was unlocked. But then, there are no students around at present.

Friday, James and I had a productive day filming several scenes for the film, in various regional accents. James played 3 characters and understudied 2 others. Jimmy Geordie, Dave the Brummie, Friendly Kevin (Glaswegian, separated from Jimmy at birth), understudied Sigmund Freud and Sigmund Freud with a Liverpudlian accent.

We didn't film this but Jimmy Geordie's bits were sort of like this:

Ah went into a bor an saw a really canny looking lass drinkin alain. Sheh seemed really happy te see me an ah wondered why, leik. The next thing ah know we're dating an it ernly cost me a hundred pooned fre the neet.

Saturday night it snowed, but the main news was a flood at 23.20. I think perhaps a pipe burst upstairs, at any rate torrents of water came gushing into the corridor outside my apartment. First, I filmed it because it will go nicely in the film, and then I rushed downstairs and banged on the door of the folk keeping this place going and it took a long time to rouse them.

The water was coming into my apartment but it didn't get far because I had boxes blocking one door and I put a towel against the other. Then I went out into the corridor and helped to send it down the corridor and the stairs with my mop. It was hot water, coming from the 3rd floor and it highlighted how filthy the floors are, if nothing else.

I am listening to a New Zealand regional station. It seems to be where Brit bands that aren't valued in the UK can get some exposure. Lyric sample:

"I've got friends in high places, I've got friends with strange faces."

Another lyric:

"Have you seen the news today, oh boy." (Bit derivative, that one).

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